Freestyle Travel Co. is a trusted travel company that is committed to your travel freedom. 

We have designed a simple 3-step approach to travel that focuses on services that gives you freedom to choose based on your travel comfort, budget and style. We are your ultimate travel experts – creating a personalized, authentic and structured (yet equally spontaneous) experiences that will save you time, money and uncertainty.

We are dedicated to incorporate a mixture of authentic, local and ‘tourist-y’ experiences. As travelers ourselves, we celebrate the local vibe and culture of each place we visit.


Have the world at your fingertips

Our personalized service begins with a connection. 

Our one-of-a-kind Freestyle Travel Package is complete with all the essential travel information you need. From things to do, places to see, authentic adventures to local culture and cuisine – we have you covered. We assure you that we have been where you are going!

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