Tailored Travel Packages

Our Specialty Groups team here at Freestyle Travel Co. is focused on creating a unique, personalized package that suits your group. Larger groups and more complex packages such as destination weddings or corporate conventions and meetings require a dedicated support to ensure everything works together smoothly. 

A Cut Above the Rest

1. A world of Luxury Properties and Stunning Venues

Need I say more? Our top priority is to deliver the best of the best for your celebration or group. We are partnered with luxury properties that will fit right into your style and exceed your expectations. 

2. Dedicated Service & Personalized Experiences

When it comes to specialty travel – our main focus is to ensure you are getting what you asked for and more! We know that planning can be frustrating and time-consuming and we are here to take care of that for you. Our commitment to personalized service will create a lasting impression to everyone in the group.

3. Exclusive Access and Privacy

Aside from ensuring the group stays together and seats, rooms and tours are secured ahead of time – we value your privacy and exclusivity. Our goal is to ensure you group are prioritized with exclusive access and private moments together.

Personalized Travel

Let us create your group's exclusive and personalized travel!
Why Book with Us?

Take advantage of the FREESTYLE DIFFERENCE.

We are not your typical travel company. 


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