Travelling with a small group (15 people or less) is time-consuming, tedious and exhausting. With multiple documents to manage, multiple payments to settle, multiple preferences to accommodate – it could easily turn your vacation planning to vacation disaster! There is no room for errors when booking for a small group so why not shift your focus from organizer to traveler? 

Freestyle Travel Co. understands that everyone travel differently – so we’re here to make sure that travelling with a small group will still feel personalized and tailored for each traveller. Let us get ahead of the group and inquire about your group vacation today!

We cater to all types of small group travel!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, planning a bachelor or bachelorette’s party or even just a group of friends looking to see the world together – we have you covered. 



1. We value your group's privacy and exclusivity.

Travelling with your own small group may already seem crowded at times so, we want to ensure that your group will have the time and space you require to be set apart from the crowd. Our relationship with our partners allows us to create unique tours and excursions, exclusively available to your group. Travel at your group’s pace with travel services dedicated exclusively to your group’s needs. 

2. Travel together, always.

The horror of getting separated from the group is real when it comes to larger group bookings. Freestyle Travel Co. will ensure that the group is booked together accordingly. With proper advanced notice and preferential relationships with our partners, we are able to ensure that your group will be together throughout the vacation. Whether on the plane, hotel booking, transfers and activities, we will look after each member of the group. 

3. Exclusive group pricing and value for money.

Without the right channels and expertise, group travel can be expensive and not worth the money. So, our luxury services will deliver pricing that corresponds to your group’s needs and priorities. Our packages are unique to you and your group and we do not hold back in ensuring that you are getting the best services and world-class travel experiences you deserve. 

4. Special Group Arrangements made available.

Freestyle Travel Co. caters beyond your travel needs. We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure you are having an amazing time! If there are special arrangements to be made, perhaps celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or a clan reunion – we are here to help coordinate with our partners to arrange something special for your group. We believe that these moments become lifetime memories so special care will be given.


Let us take it from here and ensure that you and your group are creating memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!
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