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Our most treasured travel experiences are the ones spent with our family and loved ones. We know the value of your Family Vacation so we have put together our best offers. These offers are sure to be kid-friendly, teenager-safe and adult-approved! We know you travel in packs, so we have something for everyone in the family. 

Looking to explore something more adventurous and customized with the family? Get your tailor-made Freestyle Family Travel Package today!



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1. Maximum Family Bonding and Value for Money

We want you to have an amazing time on your vacation. Our focus is to help build and rebuild family relationships through these travel packages. So, our services are made especially for your needs. Our goal is to provide the best value for your money on your vacation by matching you with the best products and services. 

2. Certified Kid and Teen Friendly Destination and Services

No matter how much we admit, we know travelling with a toddler could be tough; we understand that travelling with a teenager could be harder! Our travel packages are kid-friendly and teen-proof! We value that certain moments in your vacation will create a lasting childhood memory for these youngsters and we are committed to providing them with age-appropriate travel experiences. They are as much our clients, as you are. From hotel and resort amenities, cruise ship activities and adventure destinations, our travel partners are family-certified.

3. Family-only Upgrades, Perks and Discounts

We know Family Travel and our relationships are working at maximum capacity to enhance your vacation. We have access to special upgrades and perks for the whole family; like on-board credits, special activities and amenities, exclusive lounge access for parents, baby-sitting services, and more.

You are our family!

Every Freestyle Family Package is fully-customized to suit your family's needs. We are here to help create lasting childhood memories and bonding moments that will forever be in your hearts. You are part of our family and we are committed to help you like family.


Bring the whole family and then some! We love seeing grandma and grandpa, uncles and aunties, and a few more cousins to your next Family Travel Vacation. Our customized vacations are just the right fit for your multi-generation family travel.
Our cruise experts are dedicated to finding the right ship that matches your family style and preferences. We work with a variety of Family-friendly cruise providers that have special amenities ready for Freestyle Travel Co. clients. 
It's time to bust-out the swimsuits and have your sunscreen ready. These all-inclusive packages come packed with extensive kiddie experiences and adult amenities alike. There's no better way to relax than to sip by the pool bar, knowing your kids are safe and well-entertained at the kids zone.
We are all for bite-sized adventures! We love mini-family vacations and we love curating them for you. Don't be fooled by the 'mini' in the title, because these vacations could be as jam-packed or as relax as you want. Weekend getaways and staycations helps shape your family traditions and future bucket-list destinations!
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