Top 5 Reasons to Book with a Travel Consultant in 2018

With growing technology nowadays, everything is accessible. Information, transportation services, entertainment channels and even food delivery, what a time to be alive! The travel industry has evolved to adapt to a fast-paced and “available-right-now” culture. There has been a breakout in online bookings and room sharing that most of us didn’t see coming.

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Top 10 Reasons to Give the Gift of Travel to your Graduate

Graduation season is upon us! Writing from Canada, I could see limo after limo dropping graduates off to march. This is the season where pride is all around us and the joy of accomplishment is everywhere. This means that the pressure is on the parents and loved ones of the graduates. ‘Tis the season for graduation gifts!

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10 Must-have Luxury Amenities

When you enter into a luxury hotel, what is the first thing that catches your attention?

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Top 5 Luxury Travel Trends

When it comes to luxury travel, we immediately zone into private planes, private cruises, private villas, 5-star hotels and chef-inspired tasting menus with only the best wine pairings. Yes, this was back in the day where there was nothing more to it.

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What’s your Travel Style? (Pt. 2)

Thank you for reading the first five Top 10 Travel Styles for 2018. I’m guessing you’re here for more? Or you didn’t find yourself in the first list? Let’s get right to it!

If you missed out, don’t worry – you can still find it here.
What’s your Travel Style? (Part One)

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