10 Must-have Luxury Amenities

When you enter into a luxury hotel, what is the first thing that catches your attention?

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About Launching a Campaign...

The ATB BoostR community is great. But it would be even greater if YOU were part of it!


Because of your continued support, we are launching a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign through ATB BoostR! 

If you believe in making a difference by protecting our oceans & lakes; or if you agree with rekindling relationships for people like yourself and your loved ones through customized and personalized travel experiences, or if you want to support a local Canadian business with an ‘all-in’ attitude in serving families, couples and groups of friends – then you are definitely with like-minded people here at the Freestyle Travel Community. 
Why should you invest in us?

Family and friends, Freestyle Travel Co. is aiming to be chosen as part of the contenders for the Live Pitch ATB BoostR Event to be held at Fairmont Banff Springs this coming Oct 20, 2018. This event will give us an opportunity to showcase the heart of our business, our passion towards travel and the commitment we have for the relationships and the community all around us. 

Our end goal is not just to raise dollars, but to become a platform for those who are connected to our mission: 


Your support (no matter the amount) will give us a boost towards being part of the Live Pitch Event! And YES, you are invited to BE PART OF THE JUDGES and see your investment in action. (also yes, there will be music, food, people and it’s all in the ticket).


We will release tidbits of our insider stories, media and information about our company and this campaign. Our PUBLIC LAUNCH date is on October 9 2018! 

HOWEVER, if you give us ANY KIND OF FEEDBACK regarding our Campaign (through a message or a comment on this post and on any of our social media platforms), our co-founders will personally send you an invite to the PRIVATE EARLY CAMPAIGN ACCESS! Meaning you will be the first one to visit, invest and redeem our BoostR exclusive offers, merchandise, services and Freestyle Travel Packages! Whether it’s just a ‘Hi!’ or a ‘<3’ or a real personal and constructive feedback – we appreciate it!

If we are to make it to the Live Pitch Stage, we will throw an amazing Appreciation Party for our ATB BoostR Backers after the event – no matter the outcome. We truly want to build a community more than just a clientele!


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Mexico in 2018

While school’s out and the sun is out, why not go all out? Mexico may have been in the spotlight in the last couple of weeks for unfortunate reasons – we are here to remind you of the reason why Mexico is still one of the top destinations to relax, unwind and experience life! 

In lieu of Canada Day, we are partnering up with your favourite travel providers to create a custom-package tailored for you and your family & friends. We continue to represent your best interest in designing the perfect Mexican vacation.

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Top 5 Reasons to Book with a Travel Consultant in 2018

With growing technology nowadays, everything is accessible. Information, transportation services, entertainment channels and even food delivery, what a time to be alive! The travel industry has evolved to adapt to a fast-paced and “available-right-now” culture. There has been a breakout in online bookings and room sharing that most of us didn’t see coming.

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Top 10 Reasons to Give the Gift of Travel to your Graduate

Graduation season is upon us! Writing from Canada, I could see limo after limo dropping graduates off to march. This is the season where pride is all around us and the joy of accomplishment is everywhere. This means that the pressure is on the parents and loved ones of the graduates. ‘Tis the season for graduation gifts!

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Top 5 Luxury Travel Trends

When it comes to luxury travel, we immediately zone into private planes, private cruises, private villas, 5-star hotels and chef-inspired tasting menus with only the best wine pairings. Yes, this was back in the day where there was nothing more to it.

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What’s your Travel Style? (Pt. 2)

Thank you for reading the first five Top 10 Travel Styles for 2018. I’m guessing you’re here for more? Or you didn’t find yourself in the first list? Let’s get right to it!

If you missed out, don’t worry – you can still find it here.
What’s your Travel Style? (Part One)

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What’s your Travel Style? (Pt. 1)

What’s your travel personality? Where should you travel to based on your personality type? What destination or types of attractions suit you best?

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Top 10 Travel Tips for Japan

Are you visiting Japan for the first time? Did you want to see the beauty of the April cherry blossom? Or maybe you’re simply revisiting just because? Looking for travel and safety tips for Japan? We have you covered! Here are the top 10 travel tips for your Japan travel adventure!

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Why Travel with Freestyle?

Traveling is like getting a new pair of lenses. The more you see the world, the better your vision becomes.

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