Where Experiences Exceed Expectations

Freestyle Travel Co. is a full service travel company that specializes in creating exclusive and personalized travel packages that is a perfect fit for your travel style and preferences. We take pride in our ability to deliver the highest quality of service for you and your loved ones.

We strive to be an industry leading company that reflects the true value of travel – which is building relationship through experiencing the wonders of our beautifully and wonderfully created world. 


Where Experiences Exceed Expectations

 As a company we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure your trip is flawless. We put your safety as our top priority. Our preferred travel partners are reputable and well-known in ensuring your safety. We value your comfort and privacy. Our partner properties are in-line with our values in providing the highest level of customer service in any occasion. Our services are worry and hassle-free in order to create a relaxing, memorable and meaningful vacation. 


Freestyle Travel Co. is built on the following CORE VALUES:


We believe that travelling is more than seeing the beauty of our world, it is a way to raise awareness for ourselves and others to be stewards of this wondrous creation and its beautiful people. We believe that by building connections, collaborating for ideas, and creating action plans – we have the recipe for a strong community. We are soon to be partnered up to a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitating our oceans. Be sure to subscribe for updates!


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