Freestyle Travel Co. was created in Calgary, Alberta out of pure passion for helping people experience local and authentic luxury travel around the world in their own way with the ones they love.

Having travelled to various countries around the world over the last 10 years, our founders, Stephanie Bote and Pamela Artuz, developed a formula that allows the company to be fully-digital yet, fully-personal.

Our company vision for Freestyle Travel Co. is to create a ‘workplace’ that allows our team to be mobile, present and well-rounded. Since we are a team of travellers ourselves, we are passionate about being able to find a work-life balance while expanding our expertise and knowledge. Our core as travel experts is to be present for our clients and partners, whenever and wherever we are.

We do not have a brick-and-mortar store that you can come to, instead we took it a step further and WE COME TO YOU.

We believe that because we are a digital enterprise, we are able to further commit to our high-standard of service to our clients and build strong relationships with our travel partners. Technology allows us to transform our client’s experience and go above and beyond for them.

What are the advantages of booking with Freestyle Travel Co.?

1. TIME IS GOLD. We understand that your time is valuable.

With the use of various tools, we are able to steamline the customer experience when booking with Freestyle Travel Co. Our 4-Step Process involve the essentials to personalize your luxury vacation.

1. Travel Information and Essentials: Q&A
2. Personalized Freestyle Travel Package Proposal
3. Acceptance & Payment
4. Pre/post Travel Package Delivery

2. Being digital allows us to be more personal by being ‘there’ when you need us the most.

Aside from providing agile service and innovative tools, we are REAL TRAVEL CONSULTANTS. We have mobility tools that allows us to access your travel packages, make changes, new arrangements, and converse for any questions while you are travelling. We do not pass you around or put you on hold, we instead take responsibility for your travel package and commit a travel expert for your trip.

3. Being a LOCAL and DIGITAL travel company sets us apart from our competitors and online booking engines.

Big online booking engines and other larger than life travel agencies cater to everybody. Freestyle Travel Co. is different. Our company is dedicated to providing exclusive luxury travel services and authentic experiences to families, couples and groups through innovative travel solutions. Our specialized niche of expertise allows us to be a personal and local company. We are also local – if you prefer to have personal conversations about your trip over a cup of coffee, we are more than happy to take you on! We care about the smallest detail of your luxury vacation as we would for our own.

4. Freestyle Travel Co. is able to share readily-available electronic media to enhance your travel experiences before, during and after your vacation.

From newsletters, e-magazines and 360-degree VR-quality media, we are committed to begin your journey even before you board the plane. We are equipped to pass on any important information about your trip with a click of a button.

5. We are accredited, supported and members of a larger network of travel consortia. Our credentials and experiences are backed by travel organizations from all over the world.

Find out more about our accreditation here!

Thank you for taking your time to get to know Freestyle Travel Co. better!
Let us create a local and authentic travel experience for you and your family today.

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