With growing technology nowadays, everything is accessible. Information, transportation services, entertainment channels and even food delivery, what a time to be alive! The travel industry has evolved to adapt to a fast-paced and “available-right-now” culture. There has been a breakout in online bookings and room sharing that most of us didn’t see coming.

At Freestyle Travel Co., we strive to embrace growing and evolving with the industry. We believe that technology is an amazing tool and not a competition. We want to be able to use these advancements as an added value to our expertise and specialization as Travel Consultants. So we want to give you 5 important reasons to book with a Travel Consultant for your next vacation.


1. Safety is our #1 priority.


Nowadays, we cannot deny the fact that there are threats everywhere we travel to. As travel consultants, we are ahead of the trend in terms of safety and security. We have connections with governing bodies and travel advisories from different nations around the world to ensure that you will be travelling to a safe destination. Our preferred suppliers are vetted through and through in order to ensure your safety during your vacation. You can have peace of mind knowing that you and your children’s or loved ones’ safety is our main concern.

2. We work for you and your loved ones.


We understand that your time is gold, as ours is too. We want to add value to your life by mitigating the lost time you will have in planning and arranging elaborate travel plans. We are here for you and whoever you are travelling with. We do not work for the suppliers, rather we work on your behalf. Our goal is to create experiences that will exceed your expectations whether it is with our preferred suppliers or not.

3. No, we are NOT more expensive but yes, we are MORE valuable.


Probably one of the biggest myths in the online booking world is that going with a travel consultant is far more expensive than doing the work on your own. We can actually SAVE you time and money. If you monetize the amount of time, stress, phone calls and research it takes to create an amazing vacation, it’ll likely come up more expensive than our services. We’re here to make your life easier, where you’ll get the bang out of your buck! Most of the prices you see online are available through us directly; not only that – we offer a lot more behind the scenes: perks and  free upgrades that are exclusively available to us.

4. We have exclusive partnerships; which means perks & upgrades!


Our expertise and connections are our biggest strength. Times may change but human connection between clients and businesses are still the bread and butter of building a great working relationship. You can consider us your insider correspondence in getting perks that are not usually advertised online. Our preferred suppliers understand how we operate as a business and how to cater specifically to our clients. These connections are part of the recipe in bringing the best out of every package we create.

5. We are not everybody’s cup of tea.


We understand that our services are not valuable to everyone, and that’s okay! If you are an ultra-budget traveler or tons of free time in your hands to arrange for all your travel plans, then you probably don’t see the need for an extra hand. We specialize on special celebrations and vacations as well as family and group travel. We are also passionate about luxury travel and custom-made experiences. You will find our services most valuable in these types of travel.

There you have it! The Top 5 Reasons to Book with a Travel Consultant in 2018.

If you have a vacation coming up, feel free to contact us here. We’re excited to represent you and start drawing up your dream vacation!

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