When you enter into a luxury hotel, what is the first thing that catches your attention?

Is it the luxurious décor or enormous French doors? Is it the subtle hint of essential oils in the air and background piano melody playing in your ears? Every luxury property has its own way of welcoming guests and creating an overall outstanding experience.

For this blog post, we will be breaking down the 10 MUST-HAVE AMENITIES OF A LUXURY HOTEL, RESORT or PROPERTY. Consider this as a checklist for your next trip. Whether it is a business, a celebration or simply, a family trip, we believe that without these amenities you might as well book a hostel and call it a day.

Let’s get right into it!

1. 24-Hour Fast & Reliable WIFI Connection


Staying connected in the mountains

The ability to stay connected wherever, whenever is essential to any vacation. You want to be able to share moments on social media or messaging apps. There is nothing more annoying than running into a firewall making you pay extra for a WIFI connection. If a luxury property does not give complimentary WIFI privileges in most (if not, all) spots in the vicinity, you’re probably already turned-off by now.

2. Chauffeur or Shuttle Service


Mercedes – Benz Line up

A pick-up and drop-off service is definitely a must for a luxury property. There is not a better first impression than getting picked up by a pleasant chauffeur right at the airport doors after a long-haul flight. Add a bottle water and hand-picked playlist, and that sets the tone for the rest of the stay. Specialty services such as this creates a complete experience for the guest.

3. VIP Check-in & Check-out


Lobby Entrance

Luxury hotels and resorts usually have an express check-in and check-out desk. It allows for the guests to head straight to the privacy of their suite. This is usually coupled with welcome drinks and porter services that are ready even before you arrive. This is especially handy when you are coming in with a big group or small children or if you are a high-profile guest that requires the utmost privacy when entering a property.

4. Luxury Suites


Suite Entrance

The guest suite is one of the most important components of a luxury stay. From the décor to the contents of the mini-bar, every element should exceed your expectations. A luxury suite must be spacious; the balcony must have a view so irresistible it will keep you in the room; the bed must be draped in comfort; modern electronics are included (high definition TV, iPads, etc.);  the bathroom décor and fixtures must be treated with personal touches of luxury and elegance. I could go on forever here to be honest.

5. Spa Services


Hot Stones

Having the option to get pampered and spoiled in the privacy of your own room is definitely a luxury amenity. A lot of luxury properties offer in-room massage and spa services. However, a reputable and relaxing hotel spa is essential for a luxury property for those who are looking for immersive spa treatments, herbal baths, saunas and more.

6. Gym / Wellness Space


Equipment on the gym floor

If a luxury property can turn a sweaty, stinky gym into a comfortable and gratifying space, you have my respect. Luxurious locker rooms, modern and extensive selection of equipment, spacious weight floors, water dispensers and face towels are just some of the features that affluent travellers want. As the saying goes, health is wealth – but who’s to say we can’t do it in style.

7. Trust-worthy Babysitters, Daycares or Supervised Playrooms



Skip ahead if you do not travel with small children. But for busy parents a trust-worthy babysitting service or kid’s club is a must for a luxury property. We all see and know the joys and ‘growing pains’ of having toddlers in a vacation. Knowing that there is a dedicated space for your kids to play safe and have fun while being supervised by staff definitely gives any parent the peace of mind and R&R they need in that property. Although not all luxury properties have this, it would be worth-it to add it in the checklist for future references.

8. Butler Services


Butler plate

For those looking for over-the-top luxury experience, a butler service is a must. From nightcap and turn-down amenities to breakfast in bed and hot bath prepared, a butler service is a collection of personal touches to enhance your stay. The attention to detail and hospitality from your experienced butler is definitely an attractive amenity for the luxury traveler.

9. Award-winning Restaurants  


Fine dining appetizer

A luxury property is not complete without a 5-star quality restaurant. Whether it is room-service, breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, an award-winning culinary experience is demanded of any luxury property. This essential amenity can make or break an experience since food is an element of its own; it has to be creative, eye-catching, bursting with flavours and paired perfectly every time.

10. Personalized Gift Basket / Essentials Pack


Personalized welcome gift

Finally the “cherry-on-top” amenity, a personalized gift basket or service creates a sense of home for any guest. Luxury properties that take extra care to get to know a guest and appreciate their individual preferences, whether it’s a mini-bar beverage & snack stock preference or lounge chair on the beach with a book ready to be read, these small gestures that the property picks up on are always an amazing way to begin, spend or end your luxury stay.

There you have it the 10 MUST-HAVE Amenities for a Luxury Hotel, Resort or Property!

Here at Freestyle Travel Co. we value your preferred amenities. We understand that your accommodations are a huge component in your trip. And we’re here to match you with the perfect fit for your luxury style. If you are looking for world-class travel service, this is what we specialize in. We go above and beyond for our clients to ensure a personalized vacation. We take your trip personally – let us know where you are planning to go next and we’ll do the rest. Contact us here and let’s get personal.

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