Thank you for reading the first five Top 10 Travel Styles for 2018. I’m guessing you’re here for more? Or you didn’t find yourself in the first list? Let’s get right to it!

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What’s your Travel Style? (Part One)


TOP 10 Travel Styles in 2018 (PART 2)

1. The City Dweller


Top of the Rock view in New York

If towering skyscrapers and crowded streets, don’t scare you very much – you are likely a City Monkey. You probably appreciate big neon lights, big downtown culture and big city urban vibes – both good and bad. Shopping and chilling at the local pub or coffee house is definitely part of your must-do.

New York is hands down the place to go for the City Monkey. Luxury cars, luxury brands, bright lights, big stages, yellow cabs and hotdog stands – I’m telling you, New York has it all.

2. The Artsy Fartsy


The Louvre Museum at night

The Art Lover’s dream is to live in a world wherein the expressions of the soul are always celebrated. Art is expressed in a million different ways; through paintings, sculptures, music, film, even architecture. No matter where you’re from if creativity and appreciation for art flows in you – you are a certified Artsy Fartsy.

Paris is the place to be for the classical, even modern, art connoisseur. You will find that the magnificent exhibits at the Louvre Museum and the architecture of the iconic Eiffel Tower will electrify your creative soul.

3. The Beach Lover


Legazpi City, Philippines

Grab your sunscreen and look around you. Do you see gleaming white sand, a lounge chair, and an iced-cold beverage in one hand (or both)? Or do you see the crystal blue water turn white as it crashes into one another in the far horizon inviting you to play? Now, stop. You are officially a Beach Bum.

Philippines is home to over 7,100 islands. Whether you are looking for a quiet relaxed afternoon or an action-filled beach day, look no further. Its true what they say, it is more fun in the Philippines.

4. The Rock-Jock


Reflection at the Moraine Lake, Alberta

Are you constantly looking for another mountain to summit or another trail to hike? Do you push yourself through long, hard hours of trekking for a few moments of bliss? Need I say more, Mountaineer? Whether you are just a hobbyist or an expert, you find every excuses to be outdoors.

Canada is the country for you. The Canadian Rockies should be part of every mountaineer’s conquests. With trails for all ages and experiences, the breath-taking mountain effect is totally worth it.

5. The “Million-Dollar Budget” Traveler


Night view of Positano, Italy

You may think that luxury travel is your typical private jet planes, gold-studded cutlery, Egyptian cotton and 5-star hotels and resorts – your imagination may be a little construed. Luxury Travelers nowadays prefer the ultimate ‘personalization‘ and exclusivity. If that is you, you came to the perfect place. 

The Amalfi Coast could easily be the Luxury Traveler’s playground. From the stunning cliff-side views and private catamaran cruises to the exquisite Italian cuisine and service – you could never go wrong with a vacation by the Italian boot.

There you have it, folks! That is the TOP 10 Travel Styles for 2018. Care to share which one you are?

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