What’s your travel personality? Where should you travel to based on your personality type? What destination or types of attractions suit you best?

These are your typical questions when deciding where to travel to.
Knowing your travel personality will help you find the best destination to visit.
SO, we compiled the TOP 10 Travel Styles in 2018 with a destination to match! 

TOP 10 Travel Styles in 2018 (PART 1)

1. The Lone Wolf


Barcelona: Magic Fountain at Montjuic

If you like travelling at your own pace and following (or not following) your own schedule, you are likely to be a Solo Traveler. Solo Travelers tend to be more open to changes and are more spontaneous.

Barcelona would be a great fit for the solo traveler. Barcelona boasts so many unique attractions to see and a lot of “off-the-beaten-path” adventures that are either open early or really late. This will give the “lone wolf” more choices than ever.

2. The History Professor

photo-1513120052856-2b18c0d4f696 (1).jpg

Rome: Inside the Colloseo

Are you most curious about historical facts? Do you find yourself more interested in the story of the sculpture rather than the sculpture itself? You, my friend, are a History Buff. History Buffs live for stories behind the attraction – they are those who peer into the soul rather than the body.

Rome is definitely a must-see for all the History Buffs. The ancient history that encompass the early Roman civilization is still very apparent in today’s modern society. History Buffs will have a kick out of the cobblestone and breathtaking ruins everywhere you go.

3. The “Will Try Anything” Foodie


Authentic Japanese Ramen

Is FOOD your main motivation for travelling the world? Needless to say, you are a “Will Try Anything” Foodie. Foodies are an exceptional mix of bloggers, journalists, chefs, and normal people. They come up with the best description to an explosion of flavor and most of the time, the best caption for that Facebook photo.

Japan will not disappoint even the most critical foodie. The Japanese cuisine has a delicate balance of flavor that will pleasantly surprise every palate. Even the quality of their street food is top notch.

4. The Water Baby


Honolulu: Snorkeling at the beach

Do you get irrationally excited when you hear the crashing of the waves? Do you get too attached to the starfish you saw off the shore? Finally, do you never want to leave the ocean once you start seeing what’s underneath the surface? Hello, Water Baby.

Hawaii would be the prime destination for you. Given that it has countless marine conservatories and sanctuaries, it will satisfy your diving and snorkeling wanderlust. Hanauma Bay in Oahu is home to some of the most beautiful marine biomes (that’s science for a plant and animal community) in the world.

5. “For the love of Instagram” Traveler


London: Westminster Station and Big Ben Tower

Most people nowadays take photos to share on social media. If you are one to stop and pull out your phone to capture a unique composition in mostly every corner of the trip, you are a “For the love of Instagram” Traveler. There’s totally nothing wrong with capturing a beautifully positioned and perfectly contrasted picture of your lunch. I even encourage trying night time posts with your dinner.

London will give you plenty to snap and more than enough to rave about on social media. If you are looking for a mix of both modern and classical tones and trends, look no further. The Big Ben Tower, Tower Bridge and London Bridge in contrast with The Shard and other stunning skyscrapers are a reminder of some of the most iconic and most photographed imagery in the world.

There you have it! Can’t find yourself here and want to see more travel personalities and destinations – continue reading to TOP 10 Travel Styles in 2018 Part TWO

Find your travel personality in the list? Let us know if you’re interested in a worry-free vacation done your way. Freestyle Travel Co. is ready to make your perfect vacation a reality. Contact us here!


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