Traveling is like getting a new pair of lenses. The more you see the world, the better your vision becomes.


Most people turn to pre-packaged vacations and simply choose whatever is available. Whether you find all the inclusions and activities interesting or not, you pay and spend time on it since you are bound to the package you purchased.

For others, after buying your plane tickets and choosing your vacation days, the planning and research could take weeks and months depending on so many factors. What’s worse is after all the hard work, you will still end up missing some of the best places or end up in mostly “touristy”, overrated and crowded places – missing out on the local and authentic experiences.

To us, these choices sound like a lot of compromise. So we came up with a better approach. Freestyle Travel Co. gives you the best of both worlds. You can consider us your travel coordinators (like wedding coordinators). We are ready to create your dream trip!


As experienced travelers, we have been where you are going. We design personalized and fully-customized Freestyle Travel Packages for your travel style, flexibility and budget.

We are looking forward to sharing travel, food and lifestyle articles throughout our blogs. Thanks for taking your time to be part of the Freestyle Travel Co. Community.

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